Task Name:  CzechMate! Or Not?!

(Prepared by Phil)


Czech Republic has some really nice contributions to chess, especially some opening variations named after the country or Czech chessmasters!

White to move. Can you find the best possible move (Yes, ONE MOVE) to this chess puzzle? In order to write down the solution correctly you might want to know, what is the ALGEBRAIC NOTATION. Insert the solution into your browser like in the example below.

The possible solution is the following: Queen captures the rook on a8 -> Qxa8. Then you will write it down as


Other examples

Rb2 www.esnuct.cz/rb2
d4 www.esnuct.cz/d4
Qxd7+ www.esnuct.cz/qxd7+


Even with the black’s best moves, you forcibly take the rook on a8 in three moves. Or trade the queens and capture the rook. Or checkmate on the next move if the white’s opponent is not careful enough.