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University campus

The campus of the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague is part of an extensive university complex in Prague 6, Dejvice. Individual departments and workplaces of the UCT Prague are located in three buildings – A, B, and C (see the plan).

In building A (Technická 5) are located among others:

  • Rector’s Secretariat
  • Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology office

In building B (Technická 3) are located among others:

  • Department of International Relations
  • Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Technology office
  • Dean of the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology office
  • Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering office
  • Computing Centre and computer classrooms
  • Erasmus Student Network UCT Prague

In building C, (Studentská 6) there are mostly classrooms.

There are also three student canteens (cafeterias) in the university complex in Dejvice where you can buy meals for student’s prices. All of them are owned by the Czech Technical University but they can be used by UCT students as well.

 In the campus

Organisation of the year

The academic year at the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague runs from September till the end of June, and it is divided into two, summer and winter, semesters. Each semester lasts 20 weeks: 14 weeks are devoted to teaching and during the final 6 weeks, there are examinations. During the 14 weeks of teaching, students attend lectures and seminars and work in laboratories according to the given curriculum.

The winter semester usually begins in mid-September and ends in mid-December, followed by a Christmas vacation. The six-week assessment period lasts from the beginning of January till mid-February. The summer semester usually begins in mid-February and ends at the end of May. It is followed by a five-week assessment period which lasts till the end of June. The sixth week of the summer assessment period comes after the summer vacation in the first week of September.