May 26st, 2020 9:41 PM, update to new rules of opening

Dear students an members, I am glad to bring you updates in the relieving of the restrictions:
Tuesday 26.5.2020
Border opening:
From Tuesday all border crossing and railways with Austria and Germany will be opened. Controls will be only casual. It will be necessary to have a negative COVID test with you and it's not allowed to come for tourism. Crossing borders will be possible without any time restriction.
You have to wear a mask on public transport and inside parts of buildings.
The restriction that between 8AM - 10 AM the hypermarkets, drug stores etc would be opened only for seniors older than 65 years is over. Now you can go shopping anytime you want.




May 12st, 2020 9:41 PM, update to new rules of opening

Dear students and members,
the time is flying and we are slowly winning the battle with corona virus and also with closed shops and boredom. I hope that soon we will meet each other in our alma mater. Yesterday was the next step in relieving restrictions so let's check what changed!
Monday 11.5.2020
This day every shop in malls can open. Restaurants can provide food only through windows or in outside gardens. In these gardens the chairs need to stay 1,5 m distance between each other. The food can be provided on regular dishes, not in the plastic one.
Also other shops which couldn't stay open until now can be opened. But you need to be very careful and you need to protect your nose and mouth, you need to maintain 2m distance and also need to disinfect your hands properly. After that you can try new clothes or shoes.
Hairdressers, barber shops, beauty salons can be opened.
In cinemas and theatres it is possible to occupy every second row and between each couple of people need to be at least one seat distance. If the cinema/theatre doesn't have fixed seats, there needs to be a 1,5 m distance between each couple. In museums can be max 100 people at the same time and it needs to be not more than one person per 10 m2. There needs to be 2m between each visitor and it's obligatory to disinfect the hands.
It's possible to organize sports events and the competitions also can be restarted. Up to 100 people can train at the same time. The people don't need to use masks during exercise, only trainers need to wear them. It's not allowed to use showers and changing rooms.
Students of all grades can come back to classes. Maximum capacity is 15 students per class. This doesn't count practical classes.


March 24th, 2020 1:45 AM, update to restriction of free movement


Dear students and members,
The government has decided to prolong the restriction of free movement until April 1st. All restrictions and orders stay in place for now. The head of the crisis team proclaimed that if the number of infected does not exceed 8 500 by the end of March, the restrictions might be lowered a bit. For your info, the plan to open schools is in May / June for now but that will probably change during the next few days.


The government has also decided to change the principle of reserved time period for erderly to shop and deal with their business. Starting on Wednesday, March 25th, only shops with a shopping area larger than 500 sqm will have a time period reserved for elderly and those with insufficient immunity and the time period changes to 8 - 10 AM. The rest of the shops do not have any mandatory restriction.


You might have noticed that the disease has claimed the first life in the Czech Republic. However, the man was 95 years old and had many chronic problems with his heart. The head of the crisis team stated that “he died while having Covid-19 disease, not because of it”. It still stays true that most of the infected do not require medical assistance and can fight the disease on their own.
Also there were some fake news about the government imposing total restriction on leaving homes. The government denies this and the person who spreaded the rumours is being investigated by police.


Dear students and members of ESN UCT Prague,

Due to the increased rate of transmission of COVID-19, the government has imposed the State of Emergency starting on March 12th at 14:00. What it means to you?
In addition to the existing measures:

We're checking the situation minute by minute. We're in touch with our international office, with dormitories and also with other ESNers in Prague.


At dormitories are kitchen opened from today and also from today students can/should leave home, pack their things and they won't be charged with 2000 CZK for early leaving.


UPDATE (March 13th, 12:45): Starting on Monday, March 16th, Czech citizens and foreigners with long-term residents are not allowed to leave the Czech Republic. All foreigners are not allowed to enter the country. Erasmus students studying in the Czech Republic will be allowed to return home.

  1. Starting on March 14th, all international transportation coming from and coming to the Czech Republic is cancelled indefinitely. This applies to all buses with more than 9 seats and trains. The Prague Airport stays in operation.
  2. Starting on March 14th, the border with Germany and Austria is closed. It is possible to be crossed only via selected border crossings. Only travellers with permits will be allowed to cross.
  3. Starting on March 14th, all Czech citizens and residents in the Czech Republic are banned from entering countries with high risk of transmitting COVID-19. As of today (March 12th, 19:00), the countries are: Mainland China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark.
  4. Citizens of the mentioned countries are also banned from entering the Czech Republic unless they have a long-term residence permit. If they are let to enter, they might face mandatory quarantine.
  5. Slovakian government has decided to close the border with the Czech Republic so it is not possible to enter it either.
Public Space:
  1. Starting on March 13th at 6:00, all recreational facilities will be closed indefinitely. That includes gyms, saunas, public pools, libraries, galleries, etc. I would like to add that other facilities such as state sightseeings and museums are already closed from March 11th.
  2. Starting on March 13th at 6:00, all restaurants are forced to stay closed between 20:00 - 6:00. All restaurants in shopping malls with a customer surface larger than 5000 sqm are closed indefinitely.
  3. The university stays closed for all students until the State of Emergency is cancelled.
Public Life:
  1. Starting on March 13th at 6:00, all public and private gatherings are limited to 30 people.
  2. Starting on March 11th, all hospitals and similar facilities do not allow visitors.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Should I return home?
As of today (March 12th, 19:00), we do not have sufficient information about that. Please try asking your embassy in the Czech Republic, they should be the best informed individual. Our Department of International Relations is trying to get a statement from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and as soon as they are informed about your status, they will surely inform you.
Also keep in mind that as a resident in the Czech Republic, you might not be able to get to your home country once the travelling limitations are imposed!
There is an information about the kitchens at Volha dormitories being closed.
Yes, we got the information from the Administration of University Facilities webpage. Tomorrow, our dormitory coordinators have a meeting with the dormitory council and they will try to solve the issue. We have also notified the Department of International Relations about the issue and they will discuss this measure with the university management.
Can I go shopping?
Yes, you can. Even if the measures were increased in intensity again, the prime minister has announced that grocery stores and pharmacies should stay open. There is no need to buy supplies for a long period of time. Also, it is highly recommended to buy your groceries online as it might reduce the risk of transmission.
What if I feel sick?
Please inform your general practitioner (or any general practitioner if you are not registered at one) or, in an emergency, call integrated rescue services (112 in whole EU). They will tell you what to do next. Please, do not leave your room if you do not feel well and follow all instructions given to you by the medics!
What happens with my studies / scholarship?
It is too soon to tell. Now, even Czech students are not sure about the aftermath of this situation.
Please, try to stay calm. We are really sorry that your experience with Erasmus studies has gone in this direction and we will try to make you feel as safe and welcome as possible. Right now, we are postponing all our events until the State of Emergency ends. We appeal to your common sense to keep yourself safe - follow the rules of basic hygiene (do not touch your face before washing your hands, when you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with your elbow / tissue, etc.) and try to avoid crowded places. We will support you with that by not organizing any official or unofficial events starting next week (we would like to set an example). I cannot force any of you (members or students) to follow these rules but please, it is not only matter of your own safety but the safety of others as well. The government has decided for drastic measures for a reason even if we might not fully understand it.
Also our friends from International Student Club Czech Technical University in Prague set up a webpage which they try to update regularly. If you want to stay up to date, check it out from time to time: link.


Informations by The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic


Questions and Answers by Ministry of Health


Informations by The University of Chemistry and Technology (UCT Prague)





Update: 24 th March 7.56 p.m.