Basic info


The University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT Prague) provides accommodation for students in its halls of residence, the so-called Jižní Město – Chodov Halls of Residence, within its available capacity. UCT Prague student halls consist of two buildings called Volha and Sázava.

Students are usually accommodated in double-bedded rooms. Two neighbouring rooms share a bathroom, a toilet and a small corridor with fridge. They are equipped with basic furniture and bedclothes. There are connectors to the computer network of UCT Prague and the Internet and a public phone line (by an application).

In Volha, there are two kitchens on each floor, but they are not equipped with dishes, only with a cooker. In Sázava, the kitchen is located in the shared corridor between the rooms.

In both halls, there are two washing machines in the each floor; it is for free to use them, but you have to book it in advance (see more in the DURING section).

Accommodation in the halls of residence costs CZK 102/day/person in double-bed room.

Private housing

Not interested in living with most of the international students nearby? Find a room anywhere in Prague. Here are some tips on websites offering rooms in shared flats: