Accommodation – after

To move out of the residence without any problem, you have to follow these steps:

  1. If you plan to move out, go to the Accommodation Office of your residence at least one month before your departure. Tell to Mrs. Shejbalová/Valachová the exact date when you want to move out. You will obtain a yellow form called “Inventory Handover Record”.
  2. With this form, go to the Accommodation Office in Sázava and pay the rent until the last day of your stay (aka the date in the form). They will confirm the payment of the rent via stamp to the form. Obviously, you better should not lose the form now…
  3. At least one week before your departure sign for the cleaning lady, who will check your room on the day of your departure. The rooms of the cleaning ladies are in front of the lift in 2nd floor in Sázava and 913 in Volha (in the stairwell).
  4. Now the really toughest task comes – to clean your room properly :-). Pack your things, clean the room (furniture, floor, toilet, bathroom etc.) and wait for the cleaning lady – she comes on the time you signed for.
  5. Let her to check the room, give her the form “Inventory Handover Record”. If everything is fine (clean room, no damage), she fills in the form and signs it. She will also take the key and lock the room (so do not forget anything in there).
  6. Go to your Accommodation Office with the signed form, bedclothes and the receipt of the deposit. You will get back the deposit of CZK 3000 if everything is fine. In case of serious damage, you may get back less money!

Weekend case

Follow the points 1-5 but be aware that the cleaning ladies are available until 10 a.m. only!. On the day of your departure you will obtain the deposit in the reception. Please note, that if you lost your receipt of the deposit, the receptionist cannot return it back to you!