For Exchange Students

Are you a foreign student accepted by the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague for the exchange? Then do not hesitate and take advantage of our Buddy Programme.

A “BUDDY” is a primary contact person who provides information and guidance to you during your first weeks in the Czech Republic and, if the circumstances allow, during the whole time of your stay. Our buddies are Czech students who usually have experience as exchange students abroad from the past. They will pick you up at the airport, show you the way to the Dormitories and to the University, help you to arrange your accommodation… Purely and simply, they will help you to get “started” in your new home town and provide you “inside” information about student life in Prague, the UCT Prague university and Czech culture in general.

Please, do not forget that our buddies do their “job” as volunteers (they do it from their good will). Therefore, you can not demand any assistance from them that exceeds their competence as a helping contact person.

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Do you want a Buddy?

Click “Apply now!” and fill registration form. We recommend you to submit your buddy request at least three weeks prior to your arrival.

If you have any questions concerning our Buddy Programme do not hesitate to contact us at

We are sure that you will find the participation in the Buddy Programme as a very rewarding experience! After you fill in the form, you will be informed about your Buddy by e-mail.

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Tugce, Turkey

Hi everybody, last year I was in Prague during whole academic year (2013/2014). I had a great time in Prague and I have unforgettable memories with my friends. I wanna thanks all of ESN UCT Prague members. The first day I came to Prague, my buddy and other buddies picked up us from the airport and showed us everything what we needed. Not only my buddy almost all members of ESN UCT are ready to help new term Erasmus students. Whenever me and my friends need to help, everytime one of them deal with us. Thank you so much for everything. 🙂

Kristina, Sweden

It’s great!

Juliana, Portugal

My Buddy was really nice. She was very present in my life and helped me with everything.

Ivan, Milan

Ciao, I spent a great time in Prague, especially thanks to the buddy programme and ESN UCT Prague. They organize many activities to strengthen the relationship between students. I met many good friends and experienced many adventures that I will never forget. All the trips that we made together gave me the possibility to know deeply Czech Republic and the culture of the country. I suggest to everyone to follow an erasmus experience like that.

Mailys, France

The buddy programme is so so useful. You feel much more secure and you can avoid many problems with the help of your buddy!!! It should continue long … 🙂

Federico, Italy

It’s a very big deal!!